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About TQT

Total Quality Training is a renowned organization for offering high-quality level education in HSEQ. Founded in 2012, the center has a mission to;

● Educate individuals who aspire to be Health, Safety, Environment and Quality professionals;
● Pursue academic and professional excellent further education in HSEQ;

To successfully achieve our mission, we have worked diligently, followed the world’s economic and other developments closely, and formed a strategic alliance with several domestic and international partners. In particular, we have strategically focused our teaching and research in HSEQ related fields (including management systems, planning & control, quality management, and industrial Hygiene).

HSEQ Pre-requisite Program: This is a specialized build skill program for all with different educational background.

Courses Structure

Health, Safety & Environment (HSE)

Quality Management

Industrial Hygiene Management

Incident Investigation & Risk Management

Behavior Based Safety (BBS)


Courses Structure:

  • Module 1 – Quality Management
  • Module 2 – Health, Safety & Environment (HSE)
  • Module 3 – Industrial Hygiene Management
  • Module 4 – Incident Investigation & Risk Management
  • Module 5 – Behavior Based Safety (BBS)
  • Program Duration: Minimum 6months to 1year.
  • Method of teaching & Learning: Either Online or Face-to Face (Dependent on participant choice).

Total Quality Training Events

TQT will access market competition on services and products in the market space with key emphasis on the VOC – Voice of the Customer concept to award outstanding brands, Products and Services with National Statutory Regulatory Requirement.